The best Cure for: Pain and Anxiety

CBD and anxiety

Though the most common cases of using CBD oil to treat and manage medical conditions is with the case of chronic pain, there are other medical conditions in which CBD oil has been said to perform its healing magic.

Just like a lot of people who suffer chronic pain have claimed to get partial or total relief from using CBD, people who experience different forms of anxiety have also made the same claims.
This component (CBD) found in cannabis is very different from THC, as it doesn’t share its intoxicating traits.
According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, “a test carried out on animal subjects showed that the effect the CBD oil had on said subject matters was that of reduced stress and an improvement in anxiety.”

The Journal of Psychopharmacology published a CBD study on humans back in 2011, observed that the study’s participants introduced to 400mg of oral CBD, showed an overall reduction in their anxiety levels.

How does CBD work on anxiety?

Though some aspects still haven’t been clarified, the overall mechanism of how CBD reacts with your body to help manage anxiety has been said to be a phenomenon in which CBD interacts with the cb1 brain receptors that result in normalizing of serotonin levels and ultimately lowering anxiety levels.

CBD is known to be beneficial in treating many illnesses that have defied conventional treatments, CBD just as with other common drugs, possesses varying therapeutic potencies which vary from individual to individual.

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