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History of Bloom Franchise

In early 2018, George Forrester began to hear about the many benefits of hemp and CBD. Being a baby boomer, he had been raised to believe that cannabis was the devil’s plant and its only use was to get you intoxicated. George found himself in the hospital with a close family member who was suffering from an addiction to prescription pain medication that almost cost them their life. As George sat in the lobby praying for God to bring his family a miracle, a young man passed by and saw the tears streaming down his face. He was also visiting a family member and asked if there was anything he could do to help. The two began to chat for a period of time when the young man disclosed he was in the CBD business. After a few hours of chatting, George began to open his mind to the potential benefits of the cannabis plant.

George took some CBD home with him and his prayers were answered. His family member was able to get clean with little to no withdrawal symptoms. After seeing how CBD helped his family, George decided to dedicate his entire life to educating others around the plant. He enrolled into a course at the DFW Academy of Cannabis Science where he continued to learn more and more about the cannabis plant.

George spent many days and nights wondering how he could get this plant in front of people. He attended a tour of a CBD manufacturing facility in Dallas where he met the owners, Ricardo Del Fierro and Edwin Maldonado. Ricardo and Edwin had a plethora of knowledge around the cannabis plant and the three had an instant connection of their passion for the plant and helping others.

Ricardo, Edwin and George decided to combine their passions and open the first Bloom Hemp Market and they have never looked back.