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Taha Hussain Misri, Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique Aur Hazrat Farooq e Azam. 10th Century. Hadrat Abu Bakr Siddiq (Rady Allahu Anhu) is laid to rest beside Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) in Madina. Makkah was also the birthplace of the Holy Prophetsa, and both he and Hadrat Abu Bakrra belonged to the Quraish tribe. Hadrat Abu Hurairah reported that the Messenger of Allah has said, “When Ramadan begins, the doors of heaven are opened.” A version has, “the doors of Paradise are opened and the doors of Hell are closed, and the Satans are tied with chains.” Another version has, “the doors of Mercy are opened.” [Sahih al-Bukhari. And also allow you to explore the life and personality of the Great Hazrat Abu Bakar Siddiq (R.A) – the companion of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) Hazrat Abu Bakr ke Halat-e-Zindagi (URDU ONLY) - ISBN: 8172311354 Author: Maulana Sadiq Husain Siddiqui Publisher: Islamic Book Service Pages: 152 Binding: Paperback Description from the publisher: A few select stories from life of the first Khalifah (Caliph) Hazrat Hazrat Abu Bakr. May 21, 2018 admin. He was the first among the persons who brought faith upon the last messenger of Allah. In this battle, the Romans were totally defeated. Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddiq (R.A) was born 573 AD at Mecca. 573–d. Abu Bakr (c.573-634) was a companion and father-in-law to the Prophet Mohammed Source : / 16 Jan 2013. 13th Century. Her mother was Umm Ruman. _____ first testified the Miraj of the Holy Prophet (SAW) Hazrat Usman (RA) Hazrat Ali (RA) None of these. 1. Hazrat Abu Bakr (R.A), born in Makkah in 573 A.D, belonged to one of the highly respected families of Qureyshi tribe, Bani Tamim. Hazrat Khadija tul Kubra Radiallahu Ta'ala anha. She was from the Banu Taym tribe. Hazrat Usman 5. Sayyiduna Abu Bakr (may Allah be pleased with him) real name was Abdullah, and he was given the title of “As Siddique” or ”Testifier to the Truth.” His father, ‘Uthman, was known as Abu Quhafah and his mother, Salma, was known as Ummul Khair The life of Abu Bakr Al-Siddiq represents the first page of the Prophet's Companions history, it is the history of the best generation that encompassed glory and triumph, which have never been found in all human histories. Abu Bakr Abdullah ibn Uthman (Arabic: أَبُو بَكْرٍ عَبْدُ ٱللهِ بْنِ عُثْمَانَ ‎; c. Khalifa Abu Bakr Stories of the Prophets Abu Bakr Umar bin al-Khattab Uthman Ali bin Abu Talib Companions of the Prophet Timeline : 6th Century. SAMAA While the essay on the life of Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddiq (RA) has been replaced with the importance of sports, they added. During one of these visits when Abu Bakr was present, the Prophet (pbuh) said,. He was the first person appointed as “Amirul Hajj” by the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). One of his early titles, preceding his conversion to Islam, was Ateeq, meaning "saved one". Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddiq (R.A) 100 kisay brings you all the best of Hazrat Abu Bakr and sahaba stories in Urdu Abu Bakr was the first of the four Caliphs and ruled from 632-634 A.C. Download. Ilm E Deen Ki Fazilat Aur Ahmiyat - Importance Of Knowledge f dar lyrics hasbi rabbi jallallah naat Hasbi Rabbi Jallallah Naat Lyrics hassan hazrat abu bakar siddique ki wafat hazrat abu bakr siddiq family hazrat abu bakr siddiq ra biography in roman urdu hazrat abu bakr Ilm E Deen Ki Fazilat Aur Ahmiyat - Importance Of Knowledge. PASSES AWAY Sayyiduna Abu Bakr (radi Allahu anhu) fell ill at this time and passed away on the 21st of Jamadi-ul-Aakhir 13 A.H. Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddiq. Spiders and Pigeons Helped Muhammad (PBUH). The Handsome Eyes of Our Beloved Prophet. He was the first adult male to accept Islam, and when he first accepted the new faith, he accepted it right away. Such knowledge of the Prophet made Abu Bakr be. Original is at Youtube under the title: THE STORY OF UMAR IBN KHATTAB We want to start with the life story of the next greatest to walk the earth after Abu Bakar Siddiq (RA) and he was none other than Umar ibn Khattab (RA). Abu Bakr Al-Siddiq was a notable man who obtained nobility of character, combining. 8th Century. For upon you there are nothing but a Prophet, a Siddiq, and two martyrs.” The siddiq (meaning “the truthful”) referring to Abu Bakr, and the two martyrs referring to ‘Umar and ‘Uthman. She was Abu Bakr's daughter. He is buried very next to the Apostle (PBUH) of Allah Abu Bakr (b. ‘Uthman was also famous for marrying two of the Prophet’s daughters, Ruqayya and Umm Kulthum (Quran, Sura An-Noor:11-22). He fought in many battles with Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) against those who persecuted them. Born to a wealthy family, Abu Bakr was a successful merchant with a reputation for honesty and kindness. He was 63 years old The letter was being carried to the Governor of Egypt by a special messenger whom they intercepted on the way. The Messenger (PBUH), clearly stated that ten of his companions would be in paradise. 2. Pages: 36, Paper Back This book contains the biography of Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddiq, who was best friend of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) and the first Caliph of Islam. (22 August 634). He was the son of Uthman, also known as Abu Quhafah, and his mother was Salma whose patronymic identity was Ummul Khair Muhammad (PBUH) give him the titles of ‘Siddiq’ and ‘Atiq’ 6. His reign lasted for 2 years, 2 months and. Umm-e-Salma (RA) reports that she rejected the offer of marriage offered by her by both Abu Bakr Siddiq (RA) and Umer Farooq (RA). Her mother was Qutaylah bint Abd-al-Uzza, and she was the full sister of Abdullah ibn Abi Bakr.Her half-sisters were Aisha and Umm Kulthum bint Abi Bakr, and her half-brothers were Abdul-Rahman ibn Abi Bakr and Muhammad ibn Abi Bakr.She also had a stepmother from the Kinana tribe, Umm Ruman bint Amir, and a stepbrother, al-Tufayl ibn al-Harith al-Azdi Sayyiduna Abu Bakr (radi Allahu anhu) passed away. Hazrat Abu Bakr (RA) was the closest friend and a faithful companion of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). Muhammad (S) married the daughters of his two closest associates, Abu Bakr as-Siddiq and 'Umar ibn al-Khattab, the first two Khalifahs (successors of the Prophet) of Islam..9. His real name was Abdullah and he belonged to the sub-tribe of Quraish. Home;. Hazrat Abu Bakr 3. As the spiritual heirs and the “instruments” of the policy of Abu Bakr and Umar, the Umayyads served a period of “apprenticeship” at the end of which they were ready to claim. Islamyat. Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique Aur Hazrat Farooq e Azam. He remained with Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) […]. Category: Islamic Books Tags: Dr. Hazrat Abu Bakr, may Allah be pleased with him, collected all these pieces of writings in one place, and re-organized the Hufaaz, or those who committed it to memory, in a systematic way, for the preservation of the Quran. May 21, 2018 admin. This book Seerat Hazrat Syedna Abu Bakr Siddique Pdf is all about the holy events of the great companion of Rasool Allah SAW. Abu Bakr Abu Bakr research papers look into the life of the companion and father-in-law to the Prophet Mohammed who became the first Caliph of the Muslim empire. His surname was Abdullah, but he was commonly known as Abu Bakr because of his forefathers A display with Abu Bakr's name written in Arabic at the Hagia Sofia, Istanbul (modified) by Rabe! Following essay on hazrat abu bakr siddiq Muhammad’s death, Abu Bakr became the first Caliph of the Muslim empire of the Rashidun Caliphate. The First Caliph, Hazrat Abu Bakar (ra) (632-634 A.C.) “If I were to take a friend other than my Lord, I would take Abu Bakr as a friend.” (Hadeeth) Election to the Caliphate The Prophet’s closest Companion, Abu Bakr, was not present when the Holy Prophet (peace be on him) breathed his last in the […]. But Abu Bakr is an exception Abu Bakr's early days, he is supposed to have been of the same age as Muhammad, and he was either the first or second male to covert to Islam Abu Bakr was born in Mecca, a Quraishi of the Banu Taim clan. Abu Bakr's father's name was Uthman Abu Quhafa and his mother was Salma bint Sakhar Hazrat Abu Bakr (RA) was the man of great faith, truthfulness, and integrity and did true service of Islam. 1. The letter said; "Uqtul Muhammad bin Abu Bakr" (i.e. adrat Abu Bakr was born in the ancient city of Makkah, home to the (the first house of worship of Ka‘bah Allah). He was two years younger than Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH), sharing the common descent with Him. Accept Muhammad bin Abu Bakr as governor).. The Holy Quran was presented to Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu 'alahi wa Salaam) through angel Jibreel alaihissallam.The Quran was given to Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu 'alahi wa Salaam) by Allah in the month of Ramadan.Allah also revealed three more books called Taurat, Zaboor and Injil.The Surahs which were revealed in Makkah were called Makki surahs while the. 7. 416 Exalted Names of the Prophet. Sayyidina Abu Bakr Siddiq (Rady Allahu Anhu.) did many good deeds. With Annotated Notes from the Commentaries of al-Hāfidh al-Munāwī (d. He knew how honest and upright the Prophet was. Land of Masjid Al-Nabwi was purchased by the money of Abu Bakr (RA). Hazrat Abu Bakr, may Allah be pleased with him, passed away on August 23, 634 AD, after remaining ill for fifteen days Jul 6, 2017 - Explore rashidmohsin11's board "Abu bakr" on Pinterest. Superiority of Syedna Abu Bakar Siddiq; Gems of Wisdom ; Hazrat Umar Farooq Bin Khatab. 573 CE – 23 August 634 CE), was a companion and, through his daughter Aisha, a father-in-law of the Islamic prophet Muhammad, as well as the first of the Rashidun Caliphs Initially a rich and respected businessman, Abu Bakr later became one of the first converts to. One night when the stars were up in the sky Hazrat Abu Bakr (Radiallahu Ta’ala Anh) was in command for just over two years, Hazrat Umar for ten, Hazrat Uthman for twelve and Hazrat Ali (Radiallahu Ta’ala Anhum) for six The Caliphate of these four pioneers was a matter of free decision by the Companions, with their consistent assention and willing assent In consonance with advice of Hazrat Umar (RA), the 1 st Caliph Hazrat Abu Bakr (RA) constituted a commission for compiling and preparing manuscript of Holy Quran. Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique was the first caliph and one of the closest companions of Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). And Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddiq (R.A) is the greatest personality in Muslims After the prophet Muhammad (SAW). Siddiq and Ateeq were his titles. Ahmad reports from Sa`id ibn Zayd, and Tirmidhi reports from `Abdul-Rahman ibn `Awf, that the Prophet, (PBUH) said: "Abu Bakr will be in paradise, `Umar will be in paradise, `Uthman will be in paradise, `Ali will be in paradise, Talhah will be in paradise, Al-Zubayr will be in paradise, `Abdul-Rahman ibn `Awf. Hazrat Abu Bakr aka Abdullah ibn Abi Quhafa (573-634) was a close personal friend, advisor and father-in-law of the prophet Muhammad.